Finger Rings


Health and fashion go hand in hand when you wear Copper Comfort finger rings.

Our finger rings contain 33% copper complex, not only are they stylish soft and comfortable, they are also stretchable and light to wear. Acupressure point and reflex centre's in your hand are connected do the rest of the body and stimulating your hand can help improve your overall health.

A Copper Comfort finger rings deliver a weak electrical current to your hand which will have a beneficial effect on your health. So if you use your hand a lot, working on a computer of instance, wear Copper Comfort finger rings and they can help you feel more relaxed and less fatigued.

Also, if you suffer from stiffness in your shoulders or neck the action of Copper Comfort through the reflex centre's in your hand can help alleviate this.

Copper Comfort finger rings are easy to wash, so they last longer. Available in: Silver Sparkle, Pink Sparkle, Black Sparkle, Cream, Brown, Blue, Fluo Green, Fluo Pink, Black & Red