Sleepwell Comfort Rings for Men

BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) is a common problem that affects slightly older men. It causes many uncomfortable situations for them.
When men suffer from BPH, it blocks or irritates the Urethra. As a result, men feel residual urine and feel the need to urinate more often. Since they have to go to the bathroom many times they cannot sleep well at night. When they are travelling they can feel nervous if not within distance of a restroom.
These two stretchy comfortable rings can help ease the uncomfortable situations. The rings are conductive and stimulate the circulation. By wearing them on the penis they can improve the circulation of the penis, and can help allow for the urine to finish completely. These products are not a cure for this complaint but can go some way to ease the symptoms.
  • Soft,flexible fibres and three active magnets
  • The ion and magnet make power
  • Silver ion, copper ion and magnet make energy
  • Help for BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia)

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